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The most important thing about a dress

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What My clients are saying...

Sabrina C. says: Mercy is wonderful to work with! I found my dress on my first try and she has helped me make sure it fits perfectly. Her ability to tailor and fit the dress and to personalize it for me is amazing. The selection is great and the prices are unbeatable! I would recommend the place to everyone.
Rented gown for sons wedding
Mary D. says: Wide selection, great help would do it again

Truly a Fairy Godmother!
Lisa M. says: I really loved the time I spent at Mercina's shop. I brought two girlfriends and my aunt-in-law. Mercina walked me through the renting details, which were exactly as they appeared online. No surprises, which I think is very important -- what she advertised is what I got! She looked at some photos of dresses I liked and proceeded to pull half a dozen dresses. I only got through 4 of them because I liked them all so much! She also showed me a number of ways to add drama to the dress. My friends, and aunt-in-law, and I were impressed with her creativity and skill. She was professional and warm, and I would recommend her to anyone!

Mercy is a master of Fairy Godmothering!
Reed J. says: She was kind, professional, and informative as I tried on wedding dresses. I so appreciated everything Mercy did - and her gowns are absolutely incredible, at very good prices.

Christine O. says: Great selection, very reasonable prices. Do not buy a dress you only wear once!

Mercy was professional and lovely!
Mari M. says: Fairy Godmother Gown Rental was the easiest, most stress-free experience I've had dress shopping. Mercy was very helpful, and made sure to be mindful to what I was comfortable with. She also made sure to offer me as many choices as possible. If you're looking for just the right dress, you'll find it here.

Couldn't Be Happier!
Eva S. says: Mercy is wonderful! She is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. In regards to picking a dress at her store, each appointment has a scheduled amount of time so you get full assistance and never feel rushed. When I arrived, I had an idea of what I wanted but did not yet have my heart set on anything particular. Once I found a dress I was interested in, she was able to get the exact look I wanted. Note: This is a BRAND NEW dress! When I first heard "rental" I assumed I would be getting a used dress. No way. You get a new, never worn dress without paying a ton of money to wear it (and really, I don't expect to wear a wedding dress again, so renting makes the most sense to me). I just recently had my fitting and it looks fabulous. I can't wait to wear it for my wedding! Thanks so much, Mercy!

Awesome service
Jasmin S. says: Mercy was great about letting me come back multiple times to try on dresses! During the first appointment, I felt she has a real eye for what I was looking for (even though my ideas were all over the place), and there was no pressure to purchase. I would highly recommend, especially the wide selection of bridesmaids' dresses.

What wonderful service!
Gina C. says: Mercy really understood what I was looking for and helped me find a wedding dress. That truly makes me feel like a princess. THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this process easy for me. I am looking forward to sending you many new customers!!

Great service, good selection, wonderful idea!
Yvonne R. says: I've never understood why people spend so much money on a dress they won't be wearing again. I got to try on so many options from $200-$800 rentals that were just fabulous. I also like the option of renting veils and purchasing jewelry. A perfect one-stop shop. Not to mention they also rent bridesmaids and MOB dresses as well as have a connection to a tux shop.

Hailey S. says: I loved the atmosphere and the feeling that there was no hurry! The rental process was extremely easy and I loved that I could pick any color and any size (for no extra cost)! Great service, informed saleswoman... overall, awesome!

Fairy Godmother
Hope S. says: I went with a group of friends to try on dresses for Senior Ball. She managed to fit all of us in, and when we gave her some specifics, she matched them perfectly! The cost of renting the gowns was fantastic and the fact that she could do the hemming was great! I am defiantly coming to her again!

Great selection and service!
Marina D. says: I was so happy with my initial fitting, I found the perfect dress with accessories in exactly two hours! No hassle, no headache, and a lot of beautiful options. Thank you!

Bride on a budget
Genise G. says: My experience at Fairy Godmother was a great one! Mercy was very helpful and so pleasant. I look foward to experiencing my first Wedding with The fairy Godmother for my Wedding dress & bridesmaids dresses as well. Thank you so much for your patients and expertise. Your the best!

Renting for Prom
Susann R. says: Thank You So Much for helping my daughter out! She found a dress at another store and they wanted $500 for a dress she was going to wear once.....The one you helped her choose is beautiful! We are passing out your name and your cards to her friends and classmates!

Thrifty Bride
Keeley H. says: Excellent everything! I left a big review on Yelp! Found my dream dress!

Mother of the Bride
Christine C. says: Mercy was very accommodating. She helped me in and out of the dresses (I have a sore shoulder) and made suggestions on style. I found the perfect dress, in the right color that looked nice. Thanks Mercy!

Found the perfect second time around wedding dress
Elisa G. says: So very helpful and had a lot of suggestions. Listened to what my ideas were then we picked several dresses out. I found one that was totally different than what I had in my head but it was so perfect I bought it!! She ordered it for me and I have my fitting in two weeks. Overall easy enjoyable experience. Would definitely recommend her!!

I loved this place :)
Lucia L. says: I went in and Mercina showed me various dresses based on what I was looking for...I wanted to rent more than one because I liked three of them:) I had to choose only one thought, and i really loved it...she was really my fairy godmother:)

What a Godsend Fairy Godmother is!
Lynita W. says: I am a full figured woman who is marrying for the 2nd time. I was not looking for the traditional, princess, fluffy, ultra-expensive gown to store in a keepsake box. I was looking for a beautiful, comfortable dress to wear for a day. When Mercina sat with me and asked about my wedding, I could see her gears turning instantaneously. She pulled some dresses that she thought I would like and showed me a few more from the catalog that she could order for me if I was interested. Right away, she captured my style and found flattering dresses for my body type. As I tried on various dresses, she zipped me and showed me all the ways I could use wraps to make the overall look either more playful or more elegant. I was clear about wanting to cover my upper arms and I was impressed with her creativity and her suggestions to help me pull off the look I wanted. Once I decided on the dress I wanted, Mercina had me try it on once more and then she provided me with shoes, a headpiece, gloves and a wrap to dress me in the exact look I wanted for my special day. She took my picture and I was able to share it with my wedding party. I knew for sure I'd made the right choice from the responses from everyone. Since I was consistently losing weight and still had a month before the wedding, I asked Mercina about her availability for last-minute alterations. She was very accommodating; offering to add straps or make other modifications to my liking and needs. She said my dress would be "Easy to alter" and for me not to worry. We booked my final fitting appointment and she told me what to bring so she could style me perfectly for the wedding. She suggested shops to find a corset and suggested the type of headpiece and other accessories I might include. I was thoroughly pleased when I left the boutique. I found the perfect dress and a personal seamstress. All the stress surrounding my wedding has disappeared. All is well and I am looking forward to my special day. I would recommend Fairy Godmother to any woman looking for a place to be transformed; even if just for the day.

Renting a gown for my son's upcoming wedding
Lee Ann D. says: I had a very easy time deciding which dress to rent. The color would be no problem, the dress I liked was the first one Mercina showed me from the details I had provided before the appointment..so I tried on the fress in a "wrong" color and was told to return in one week and my dress in the right color would be waiting....it was and I'm all set for the March wedding...then I can return this as I will not be needing something so formal again.....so easy and not expensive at all....right  where I wanted to keep the cost!